Deception/Fraud - تَدْلِيسٌ

"Tadlīs": hiding, concealing. Other meanings: deception, cheating, betrayal, decrease.

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Tābi‘i - تابِعِيٌّ

"Tābi‘i": It is derived from "tābi‘", which means someone who follows and imitates another. Other meanings: successor, obedient, masterful.

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Inconsistent/Unsettled Hadith - حديثٌ مُضْطَرِبٌ

A Hadith with different, yet equally strong, narrations, so these narrations cannot be reconciled or weighed against each other.

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Hadith with two consecutive dropped narrators - حديثٌ مُعضَلٌ

A Hadith that has two or more successive narrators dropped form its chain of narrators.

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Denounced - الحديث المنكر

A Hadith that is narrated by a weak narrator, opposing thereby the narration of a reliable narrator.

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