Enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong - احْتِسابٌ

"Hisbah": reward, counting. Original meaning: calculation. Other meanings: denouncing, self-sufficiency, managing, estimating, guessing.

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Evil/Wrong - مُنكَرٌ

"Munkar": bad, rejected, denied. It is derived from "inkār", which means ignorance. Other meanings of "inkār": negation, denial, rejection, belying, changing.

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Establishing testimony - إِقامَةُ الشَّهادَةِ

Testifying the due right of someone over another person based on knowledge and certainty for the sake of Allah, without any diversion, deletion, or addition.

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Exposing flaws - فَضْحٌ

Disclosing the flaws of a person to make him known for them among people.

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