Sunnahs - سُنَنٌ

"Sunnah" (pl. sunan): method, line of conduct, good or bad, nature, destination.

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Musnads/Hadith compilations Companion-wise - مَسانِيدُ

Books of Hadith that collect the Hadiths narrated by each Companion individually.

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Hadith collection - مُسْتَدْرَكاتٌ

Books containing Hadiths that meet the conditions of one of the Hadith compilers, but that are not included in his work.

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Sectionally-arranged Hadith collections - مُصَنَّفاتٌ

Books of Hadith that include Hadiths related to juristic rulings and many citations reported from the Companions and "Tābi‘is" (generation following that of the Companions).

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Additional Hadith compilation - زوائِدُ

Books that compile extra Hadiths and add them to other book or books.

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Companions' Classes - طَبقاتُ الصَّحابَةِ

Groups of the Companions who share certain conditions and qualities.

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