Extravagance - إِسْرَافٌ

"Isrāf": extravagance. Original meaning: exceeding the limit in everything. Opposite: moderation, reasonability. It is derived from "musrif", which means: extravagant. Other meanings: wastefulness, negligence, carelessness, causing damage, wasting, squandering, corruption, extremism, interruption.

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Excessiveness/Immoderation - إفراط

"’Ifrāt": exceeding the limits. "Mufrit": someone who exceeds the limits. Original meaning: removing something from its place. Other meanings: advancing, hastening, extremism, transgression, placing undue pressure beyond one’s ability.

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Jug - إِبْرِيقٌ

A container with a handle and a spout from which liquids are poured.

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Expansion/Increase - تَبَسُّطٌ

Expansion and increase in spending on food and it's like.

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Food for a returnee - نَقِيعَةٌ

Food made for a returning traveler.

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Beginning with the left - تَشامُلٌ

To start doing things with the left hand, the left leg, or the left side.

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